Commit the next two years of leadership development to the church, city, or nations. Do you want to learn how to be a better Christian leader in the church, city, or nations? Do you want to wrestle with hard questions and assess your understanding in a ministry setting? The Residency Program at The Austin Stone Institute was built to teach you doctrine and theology while supplying the opportunities for you to apply what you learn. Click the button below to connect with Damaris Taylor, one of our residency staff members.

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What You'll Do

Get Connected

You will have a robust experience in a structured disciple-making community. You will be plugged into a missional community and will pursue accountability through a weekly Peer Discipleship Group.

Get Trained

You will participate in The Austin Stone Development Program in your first year of residency for theological training. You will also read through the Bible -cover-to-cover - during your residency.

Get Ready

You will have a great supervisor in your chosen area of ministry who will train you in practical skill development. Your supervisor will intentionally cultivate specific skills that will get you prepared for your future ministry.

Current Residencies

Pastoral Resident

Pastoral residencies are specifically designed to help equip and train men and women desiring to pursue a calling into vocation ministry. This residency will provide basic theological training, philosophy of ministry development, and many opportunities to cultivate the character and competencies of a faithful leader in the church. Specifically, pastoral residencies will emphasize development in the three primary ministry strategies of the Austin Stone: Assimilation, Spiritual Formation and Mobilization. As you are exposed to each of these areas, you will have the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of ministries including: Connections, Equipping, Missional Communities, Service Teams, and Family Ministries.

Worship Resident

As part of the Austin Stone Worship team, the Worship Resident will be responsible for helping lead and shape worship culture at one of the congregations alongside and under the direction of the Worship Leader. They will also receive development in the areas of music, worship leadership, pastoral care, theological and character development, and production; as well as any other development opportunities advised by the Austin Stone Worship Development Team. The final goal of residency is to then be sent out to churches and ministries in need with the intention of pastoring and leading that local body in worship.

Students Ministry Resident

The Students Ministry at The Austin Stone exists to teach 6-12th grade students to love God, love the church, love the city, and love the nations. As a Students Ministry Resident you will play a key role in accomplishing this mission.

Spending two years as a Students Ministry Resident is a great way to serve the church, learn valuable skills, and explore your calling to ministry. You’ll disciple students, help plan the weekly Students Ministry worship gathering, and work hard to execute all of our central Students Ministry events (Beach Camp, Students City Limits, City Wide Worship and ATX Students Weekend). The Students Ministry residency is a time where you will be discipled, challenged, and equipped to lead the church now and in the future.

Women’s Ministry Resident

Women’s Ministry exists to to support the flourishing, discipleship, and mobilization of women at The Austin Stone. The Women’s Ministry Resident would assist in the execution of large-scale equipping and connecting events, as well as the development of ministry resources. She can expect to be developed as a servant leader with particular focus on the use of discipleship tools and project management skills.

College Ministry Resident

The Austin Stone College Ministry has a great desire to not only reach the next generation, but to equip the next generation for gospel ministry. College Residents gain ministry reps, holistic discipleship, and shepherding experience in the context of the local church as they raise up emerging leaders who are theologically trained and mentored in practical ministry. College Residents can expect to gain a comprehensive awareness of their calling and giftings for ministry as we seek to reach the nearly 180,000 college students in the city of Austin.

Kids Ministry Resident

The Austin Stone Kids Ministry partners with parents in teaching their children about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Kids Ministry safely cares for children from 8 weeks old up through 5th grade while teaching them gospel centered curriculum in a fun environment. As a Kids Ministry Resident you will see younger children begin to understand more about the Bible as they discover and use their imagination to learn, and you will help our grade school children start to learn on their own by asking questions and investigating how things work.

Spending two years as a Kids Ministry Resident is a great way to serve the church, learn valuable skills, and explore your calling to ministry. You will help prepare weekly curriculum, support and equip volunteers to teach in their classrooms, and collaborate with other Kids Ministry staff across all campuses to execute central events like a Mother/Son Amazing Race and Daddy Daughter Dance. The Kids Ministry Residency is a time where you will be discipled, challenged, and equipped to lead the church now and in the future.

Communications Resident

Residency in this role will include support for all congregation-wide ministry communications, including written, digital, and other media. Additionally, this resident would assist in ideating, planning, and executing all congregation-wide events and environments aimed at raising the spiritual vibrancy of the congregation as a whole; this would include special events, prayer, communion, baptisms, and other environments to help our church grow together to look more like Jesus.

Connections Resident

Connections residents have a passion to see people belong meaningfully in the family of God. As part of this ministry, you will help many people take their first step of getting to know the local church, joining a community on mission, and committing to a church family through partnership. Future Connections residents should be zealous for biblical community and for seeing all types of people grow in their love and obedience to Christ. Residents will grow in their ability to develop and equip leaders, gain expertise in forming biblical communities, grow in pastoral effectiveness, and gain skills from managing large scale organizational connection processes.

Equipping Resident

The more we know God the more we love God. This is why we are committed to creating environments that help equip men and women to engage with God’s Word and seek to apply it to every facet of their life. The Equipping Resident will assist in making these environments excellent and effective for the participants from start to finish. Specific areas of exposure and development will include mid-size event execution and project management, content and teacher development, environment hospitality, and communication.

Missional Communities Resident

Missional Communities exist to love God, love each other, and be on mission together in our church and city. The Missional Community Resident will assist the MC Director in identifying and training new leaders, launching new groups, and developing existing groups to be more effective in reaching the city with the good news of the gospel. The resident can expect to grow in their ability to make disciples and shepherd people.

Soul Care Ministry Resident

Soul Care Ministries exists to equip the church towards hope and healing in Christ for those suffering from the effects of personal sin, sin done to them, and suffering from a broken world. This residency will give you greater understanding of gospel-centered counseling through our Equipped to Counsel course, personal discipleship with experienced Biblical counselors, as well as hands-on ministry through our Recovery Ministries groups.

Writer Development Program Resident

The Writer Development Program Resident will help develop leaders in our church through The Austin Stone Institute’s Writer Development Program. This resident should have a love for writing, a willingness to grow in skill and knowledge, and a desire to develop people as leaders. The resident will help execute all aspects of the program, such as administration and event planning, content planning and management, helping build a robust writer community within The Austin Stone, and writing copy for various marketing materials and supporting resources.

Office Management Resident

The Facilities Team exists to help empower and equip The Austin Stone for the work of ministry through creating and maintaining great facilities that are hospitable, welcoming, and effective. The Office Management Resident will gain valuable experience in hospitality, event management, office management, and serving and equipping The Austin Stone staff so that their ministries might flourish.

Facilities Operations Resident

Facilities maintenance and operations is critical to ministry. The Facilities Operations Resident will work alongside the operations team to create and sustain facilities that are hospitable, welcoming, and free from distractions. They will gain practical experience managing building improvement projects and helping manage ongoing maintenance of multi-campus commercial building systems, like security/access controls, HVAC controls, and life safety systems. While the residents gain experience in facilities management, they will also learn how it can be applied to ministry in all interactions whether they are ministry staff, church attenders, or subcontractors.

Storytelling Resident: For the City

God uses stories in a uniquely powerful way to cultivate compassion and inspire believers to action. There are people facing extreme brokenness all over our city, and our team strives to tell their stories in an authentic and dignifying way. The FTC Storytelling Resident will have an opportunity to help tell stories in a variety of forms: short documentary films, podcasts, and narrative writing. Applicants should have some technical skills and experience in videography and/or writing, but more importantly, a strong desire to learn.

Story Team Writing Resident

The Austin Stone Worship Story Team is a community of artists who tell stories that inspire the church to worship Jesus for who He is and to remember what He has done. Austin Stone Worship produces documentary films, podcasts, and written stories of gospel transformation at The Austin Stone. As a Story Team Writing Resident, you will learn how to take your writing skills and experience and apply them to the local church. You will also receive theological equipping, one-on-one mentoring, and hands-on ministry experience alongside a team of experienced church-based storytellers.

Story Team Filmmaking Resident

The Austin Stone Worship Story Team is a community of artists who tell stories that inspire the church to worship Jesus for who He is and to remember what He has done. Austin Stone Worship produces documentary films, podcasts, and written stories of gospel transformation at The Austin Stone. As a Story Team Filmmaking Resident, you will learn how to take your filmmaking skills and experience and apply them to the local church. You will also receive theological equipping, one-on-one mentoring, and hands-on ministry experience alongside a team of experienced church-based storytellers.

Mobilization Resident: For the City

For The City helps the Austin Stone Community Church serve the poor and marginalized in Austin. The FTC Mobilization Resident will support and coordinate congregation needs, execute city-focused congregation events, help church members find places to serve in the community, and network with nonprofits alongside a staff member. The resident will develop a deeper understanding of the complex issues of poverty via local mission in the church, while growing in their communication, organization and leadership skills.

Design Resident: For the City

Design matters because first impressions matter. A well-executed and beautiful design is a vital part of our aim to inspire and mobilize people towards mission in the city. The FTC Design Resident will have the opportunity to contribute to the design of a wide array of resources—web, print, book covers, and more. Additionally, you will have a role in designing the user experience and interface of our software which connects volunteers to service opportunities throughout the city.

For the City Ventures Resident

FTC Ventures bridges man-made sectors to build God’s kingdom through nonprofit organizations with the expertise of business leaders. This position is the unique opportunity to serve and view a systems-level ministry. You will grow (and build on existing skills) in hospitality, organizational collaboration, strategic planning, community building, operational support, event planning. You will work with leaders from For the City, nonprofits, businesses and professional services.

Software Development Resident

The For the City Software Development Resident will assist in developing For the City’s City Sync application that has helped thousands in churches throughout the country to use their unique gifts to serve their cities.The Software Development Resident will do full stack development on the City Sync application using technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Vue.js. They will better understand the software development process and the importance of software as a tool in the mission of the Church.

Production Resident: For the City

Collaborative creative work can be a huge undertaking, and every team needs that person who just “makes things happen”. The FTC producer will provide logistical and operational support to creative endeavors like our film productions, podcast, and long form writing projects—all with the goal of inspiring and equipping believers to love and serve their city. A great fit for this position has strong organizational skills and the ability to be a creative problem solver who thinks outside-the-box.

Research Resident: For the City

For the City’s Resource Development Team seeks to create biblically-faithful, contextualized resources that propel justice-minded Christians, pastors, nonprofits, and business leaders to seek biblical flourishing in the areas of human life, dignity, and opportunity. The FTC Research Resident will work directly with the Data and Research Analyst to better understand the root causes of marginalization in Austin and other major cities. After completing his/her residency, this individual will have a more robust understanding of the social, economic, and political dimensions of disadvantaged communities as well as the improved ability to marry data and research with personal narrative to educate believers and equip them for local mission.


Important Dates


Sept 18, 2019 – Applications Open
Dec 20, 2019 – Early Application Deadline ($25 off application fee)
Jan 15, 2020 – Final Application Deadline (application fee is $49)

Feb 20, 2020 – You will find out if you have been accepted into the Residency program.
Feb 25, 2020 – Support Training Registration Deadline
Mar 5-8, 2020 – Support Training and Workshop in Austin, TX (required)
Mar-Jul, 2020 – Support Raising Completion

Aug 3, 2020 – Your Residency Begins






Support Raising

The Austin Stone Institute has partnered with Reliant – a leading non-profit fundraising organization for support raising, coaching, accountability, donations, and payroll. This means that you will be a Resident of The Austin Stone Community Church and an employee of Reliant.

As a Resident, you will attend a Reliant fundraising intensive workshop to equip you with the knowledge and skills to raise financial support. The Reliant team works with you to build support goals and to get you ready for employment.

You will be responsible for getting to the Reliant fundraising intensive workshop in Austin, TX. The Austin Stone Institute will cover the workshop expense, housing, and one meal each day of the workshop.

About the Austin Stone

The Austin Stone Community Church exists to love God, love the church, love the city, and love the nations. We seek to be a community who gives glory to Christ above all things and welcomes all people to join us in worshipping Him. As a Resident, you will need to agree with our affirmation of faith. To learn more about what The Austin Stone Community Church believes, ​please go here​:
Identity and Beliefs

Become a resident today:

The Residency Program through The Austin Stone Institute is a great opportunity to help you grow in your ministry and leadership skills. Applications open Wednesday, September 18!

Apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a residency consist of?

A great residency has three components: theological training, community formation, and skill development.

Regarding theological training and development, all first-year Residents are required to participate in The Austin Stone Development Program (ASDP). Additionally, The Austin Stone leadership desires every resident to have at least read through the Bible cover-to-cover during their time here at The Austin Stone.

Another objective of the Residency Program is that every Resident has a robust experience in a structured disciple-making community. Each Resident will be plugged into a missional community and will pursue accountability through a Peer Discipleship Group that meets weekly.

Finally, every Resident will have a clear supervisor in their chosen area of ministry who is helping train them in practical skill development. While character formation and theological training will always happen “along the way” at The Austin Stone, one of the primary functions of the supervisor is to intentionally cultivate specific skills that will prove valuable in the resident’s future ministry.

What will I be doing day-to-day as a Resident?

Your day-to-day experience is dependent on what area of the ministry you are serving in. If you are accepted, you will be placed with a supervisor who will give you all of your work and be in charge of developing you as a leader.

Overall, the Residency Program is meant to prepare participants for their next step in ministry. As this is an intensive season of learning and growth, the expectation for Residents is similar to the expectations of a graduate school student. Residents will be working vocationally in ministry and maintaining a coursework load.

Realistically, a Resident can expect to work, at minimum, 40 hours per week and can expect to study, at minimum, an additional 10 hours per week for their development.

You can expect to spend time weekly with your supervisor in a development meeting, weekly with our whole staff as we worship, learn, and serve together, and weekly participate in Sunday worship. In addition, you can expect to do real, meaningful ministry in support of whatever department you are hired into.

How are residents discipled?

One-on-one mentorship with a supervisor of the same gender who will shepherd the Resident and ensure they are growing in their affections for the Lord during his or her residency.

There are many other opportunities to learn and grow at The Austin Stone and we recommend that each Resident work with their supervisor to identify additional opportunities for discipleship.

What will we learn in the ASDP classes?

The Austin Stone Development Program works through several areas of core Christian doctrine:

  • Doctrine of the Word
  • Doctrine of God
  • Doctrine of Man
  • Doctrine of Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • Doctrine of the Application of Redemption
  • Doctrine of the Church
  • Doctrine of the Future

Additionally, the program addresses several core ministry philosophies at The Austin Stone and many other topics.

Who is Reliant and how are they affiliated with The Austin Stone?

Reliant is an evangelical Christian mission agency who is a trusted partner with hundreds of missional churches and Gospel-centered non-profits. Reliant partners with missional churches like The Austin Stone to mobilize support-based missionaries for the great commission.

Reliant actually employs all Residents and “assigns” them to The Austin Stone Community Church. We partner with Reliant because they specialize in equipping and sending church-based missionaries like our Residents. This partnership allows The Austin Stone to focus on ministry and Reliant to serve the Resident in aspects of employment and support team development.

Why do we support raise?

We have Residents raise support for their ministry training for several reasons.

First, we believe raising financial support is grounded in the Bible. There are countless illustrations in the New Testament of churches and individuals financially supporting the work of those called to the task of ministry. While some individuals may receive their support from a congregation, others receive their support through the generous partnership of many believers and many churches. As a Resident, you are not only raising funds, you’re developing your ministry support team for the future!

This leads to the second reason: relationships. Raising support allows the opportunity for relationships to grow and for specifically gifted people to engage in ministry to the resident in various ways like providing prayer, finances, and encouragement. Developing a support team is about much more than finances – it’s about helping individuals in our church and other churches participate in the joy of ministry in relationships with ministers and missionaries.

Finally, support raising allows for a Resident to grow in his or her faith, seeing and experiencing God’s provision in unique ways many have never had. While this may seem like a daunting task, we have seen over the course of the last decade that God uses support team development to grow Residents in their trust in Christ!

Why is there a fee to apply?

The application fee covers the cost of a background check administered by Reliant. The background check is part of the evaluation process for becoming a resident.

How do we support raise?

ASI, in partnership with Reliant, provides full support raising training. Every Resident attends this training in-person so that we can provide the best face-to-face preparation possible.

Our training includes developing a theology of support raising, demonstrating a biblical perspective on ministry partnership, practically setting support goals, and training vision casting skills to equip Residents for success in developing a ministry team. Additionally, each Resident is given personal coaching and regular communication during the support raising season.

Following training, our Residents are deputized by Reliant to raise funds for their ministry leading up to the residency start date in August. Each Resident can expect to spend three to five months developing a ministry team and raising support depending on the number of weekly hours he or she is able to invest.

All Residents are expected to be fully funded before commencing their Residency.

How much do we support raise and what does it cover?

Residents raise funds for the total cost of their employment (salary, insurance, some taxes, and program costs). It is Reliant’s practice to work with predetermined salaries for living in Austin and help each Resident to establish a customized budget and a support goal that takes into consideration their individual circumstances. It is each Resident’s responsibility to raise 100% of his or her determined goal.

Due to the intensity of the program, working a second job during the residency is strongly discouraged, and often not permitted for most Residents.

Does ASI provide housing for Residents?

No. However, we strongly recommend that unmarried Residents find other Residents to live with during your time in Austin. The Spring support training is a great time to meet other Residents and discuss housing possibilities. ASI Residents must coordinate and secure adequate housing for the duration of their time in Austin, and are welcome to engage their supervisors for help!