What We Do


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The best leaders are constant learners. As Christian leaders, we should always seek to grow in our affection for God, knowledge of God, and volition to obey God. Godly and wise teachers call us to look to the Scriptures, and there, in the pages of God’s Word, we find doctrine that propels us forward as Holy Spirit-empowered leaders in the church, city, and nations.

Through regular seminars, The Austin Stone Institute is bringing those wise teachers to you. ASI seminars unpack rich theology for the purpose of stirring our affections for Christ and our desire to join Him in His mission in the world.

Development Programs

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Do you want to learn how to be a better Christian leader in the church, city, or nations? Do you want to wrestle with hard questions and assess your understanding? Do you want accountability of such learning with other Christians? Development Programs through The Austin Stone Institute are built to teach you deep doctrine and theology that will give you the knowledge to lead well.

Dive into intentionally longer seasons of instruction on par with seminary level-education that is accredited at several seminaries.


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Commit two years of your life to growing as a ministry leader through our Residency program. Residents are integrated into the staff of The Austin Stone Community Church and are developed in doctrine, character, and skills.

Join us for an intensive season of learning and growth.