Explore the ASI Residencies listed below. These opportunities correspond to our current application.

Discipleship and Pastoral Ministry 

If you dream of discipling and caring for the people in a local church— this residency is for you. Learn beside experienced Austin Stone staff who will train and develop you in the leadership and shepherding skills needed to serve a gospel-centered local church.


Kids, Students, and Family Ministry 

Do you have a heart for the family or a particular age group? This residency allows you to be developed and equipped beside an experienced supervisor while serving and leading with Kids, Students (grades 6-12) or the Family.   more about Kids & Students



Do you have a passion for the college campus? You can be developed and equipped beside an experienced supervisor while serving and leading with students who are starting out their college journey or even in grad school— all with the potential of multiplying the gospel among their peers on campus and beyond.   more about College at Austin Stone


Women’s Ministry 

Do you have a specific passion for seeing women become disciple makers? This residency will provide the needed equipping alongside an experienced supervisor while serving and leading women who want to know Christ and make Him know.


Austin Stone Worship

This Worship Residency provides leadership experience and pastoral growth as well as musical, theological and character development. In addition to being a part of our team, residents are paired with a Worship Leader at The Austin Stone in a mentor-type relationship that helps foster personalized growth throughout the two-year period.     more… Austin Stone Worship Residency info


International Missions

Currently over 145 long-term “goers” are on mission from The Austin Stone to 25 countries around the world. Join the International Missions residency to learn to lead and give each person in a local church a way to actively participate in what God is doing to redeem a people for Himself from every tribe, language, tongue, and nation.    more about For The Nations 


Church Planting

If you dream of leading, preaching and planting a new church work here in North America or other parts of the globe— then join our church planting residency. Learn beside experienced Austin Stone pastors who will train and develop you in the leadership, preaching and shepherding skills needed to lead a church that glorifies Jesus.


Leadership Development

Join our leadership development residency and work alongside a supervisor with the Austin Stone Institute team.  Learn and lead others in a church-based training program that develops the character, doctrine and skills of next generation workers called to lead in the church, home and marketplace.


Non-Profit/Business Development

Do you long to invest your life in areas of social good, justice and restoration? Join us for an experience designed to provide aspiring business, non-profit and urban ministry leaders with the tools and training they need for impact wherever they go.  see more about our For The City family of ministries


Inner City Youth Sports & Mentoring

Passionate about serving inner-city youth? Interested in learning how sports and mentoring can be used as a way to engage families, develop youth, and transform communities? Desire to build relationships with people from different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds? Join the TCS Volleyball or RBI Austin team where sports, the gospel, and community development collide.


Creative Communications 

Do you have a passion for design, communication, digital media, or web development? Join The Austin Stone Creative Team and be developed in your character, theology, and practical skills. You’ll learn how to use creative design, technology, and communication skills to equip and encourage a local church, your city and the world.


Austin Stone Story Team

The Story Team Residency is a two-year, full-time development program for filmmakers, writers, photographers, and podcasters. Under the mentorship of a Story Team staff member, this residency will develop your storytelling skills, leadership abilities, theological understanding, and character. Learn from Story Team how to tell stories of gospel transformation that inspire the Church to worship Jesus Christ for who he is and to remember what he has done. Learn more at


Counseling and Recovery Ministries

Are you passionate about the local church and long see people counseled through God’s Word to know and apply the gospel to the deepest parts of their lives? Qualified counseling residents work alongside our professional counselors to help lead programs that equip lay counselors and train others in recovery or to respond in crisis through gospel counseling. Practicum hours may be available upon ASI approval.   see more about Care and Counseling


Theological Content and Resources

Are you gifted in research, education and writing with a passion to see others equipped?  Join this residency to work alongside our experienced staff to lead and equip others through process, content and training?


Application Process & FAQs

These residency options are reflected on our current application. Please refer to these descriptions and explain your desires on the ASI application form to help us direct you to the best residency option available. (click here for FAQ’s)