Explore the ASI Residencies listed below. These opportunities correspond to our current application.


Is God calling you to leadership in Church Planting? Are you serving in ministry and considering your next adventure?

If you dream of leading, preaching and planting a new church work here in North America or other parts of the globe— this residency is for you. Learn beside experienced Austin Stone pastors who will train and develop you in the leadership, preaching and shepherding skills needed to serve a gospel-centered church that glorifies Jesus.

  • Church planting & Pastoral residency (2 year residency)
  • must be age 26 or older


Do you have God-given gifting in music or worship leading? Are you wanting to grow in both the spiritual and practical implications of ministry through worship.

This Worship Residency provides leadership experience and pastoral growth as well as musical, theological and character development. In addition to being a part of our team, residents go through our Leadership Development Program and are paired with a Worship Leader at The Austin Stone in a mentor-type relationship that helps foster personalized growth throughout the two-year period.

Worship residency (2 year residency) more


Do you have a passion for design, communication, digital media, or web development? Have you wondered how you can use those skills to share the gospel of Jesus?

Join The Austin Stone Creative Team and be developed in your character, theology, and practical skills. You’ll learn how to use creative design, technology, and communication skills to equip and encourage a church, the city you’re in, and the world.

  • Residencies available in creative design, digital communication, copywriting and editing, and marketing.


Do you have God-given gifting in creative story telling, photography, or film-making? Are wanting to know how you can use your giftedness for advancing God’s kingdom?

You can develop and improve your skills while serving through your gifting to demonstrate and declare the gospel here in Austin and beyond. Our experienced and skilled leaders at Austin Stone will guide and mentor you in using giftedness.


Do you have particular marketplace skills such as event planning, accounting, technology, administration, business or operations? Are you exploring how you might use these skills for advancing the gospel?

God is calling many with marketplace skills to help grow and plant churches. You can work alongside another staff to gain valuable experience and personal development during a residency that focuses on ministry through marketplace competencies.

  • includes: event planning, accounting, technology and administrative positions
  • 1-2 year residencies


Are you new to ministry or exploring your call to serve the church? Do you have a heart for a particular group of people?

(groups like: kids, high school & junior high students, college, women, unreached international people groups, or others) You can be equipped and developed beside an experienced supervisor while serving and leading a specific group people for whom you have a passion.


Are you passionate about Jesus, the gospel, and the local church and long to counsel people through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit work to know and apply the gospel to the deepest parts of their lives?

Residents work alongside our counseling staff who are trained and licensed professionals who are able to equip lay counselors, churches, and organizations to respond in crisis through biblical counseling. Practicum hours may be available upon ASI approval.

 Non Profit / Business Development

Do you long to invest your life in areas of social good, justice and restoration?
Many next generation leaders are finding this is much harder than they expected. Our residencies (through the For the City family of ministries) were created for people considering a lifetime devotion to this kind of work — to be exposed to everything that comes with it. Join us for an experience designed to provide aspiring business, non-profit and urban ministry leaders with the tools and training they need for impact wherever they go. We don’t want to just develop and train you in specific knowledge and send you on your way – during your time with us, you’ll practice hands-on training in the city with real leaders who are making a difference.
Begin by completing the ASI Application, and our team will connect with you to discuss the specific Residency opportunities through the For the City Network. 

  Application process & FAQ’s

These residency options are reflected on our current application. Please refer to these descriptions and explain your desires on the ASI application form to help us direct you to the best residency option available. (click here for FAQ’s)