Parent FAQ’s

How will my child benefit from ASI Resident development and training?
  • All of the training provided by ASI centers on helping young leaders develop their knowledge, character, and ministry skills. We place a high priority on equipping our Residents for a lifetime of ministry in whatever context God leads them.
  • As a part of this training, we require our Residents to take a nine-month cohort based class that includes theology, doctrine and personal character development. This class is taught by our pastors and seminary professors and graduates (M.Div. and Ph.D.). Opportunities are available for Residents to receive credits toward a Master’s degree.
  • When your child reports to Austin to start the Residency, he or she will be supervised and mentored in a personal development plan for ministry.
  • We require other conferences, mission trips and training opportunities depending on the particular area they will be working. Most Residents will be given significant leadership responsibilities to develop them in public speaking, leadership, event planning, and group management, among other areas.
I understand Residents are required to raise funds to cover the costs of their ministry. For what expenses will my child need to raise money?

In 2 Corinthians 8-9, Phil 4:10-20, Paul thanks believers for giving to his ministry outside their local context and advocates further generosity. We see these as example and basis for today’s ministry fundraising model, in which Christian individuals contribute regularly to ministry support. Other models of funding in the church, such as the tithe model for funding church staff, or the “tent-making” bi-vocational approach, are also important Biblical approaches for funding ministry. However, Reliant exists especially for those missional contexts where a local tithe or funding is not available or sufficient, yet the gospel ministry and training is needed just the same.

Austin Stone Institute, Austin Stone Community Church, and Reliant are all 501c3 organizations. All Residents are supported by donations from individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations, managed by Reliant. For more information about financial accountability, please visit Reliant’s website.


Each Resident is responsible for securing contributions to cover the cost of their program through finding “ministry partners” who will pray and give financially toward their salary, training, insurance and ministry expenses. Contributions a Resident receives go into an project account assigned to them by Reliant. It is out of this account their salary is paid. Residents must raise all of the funds required for their employment because there is not a central fund to support them.

Program Cost factors:

  • All funds given go towards supporting residents.
  • Each dollar given has 8% deducted from it to cover Reliant administrative costs and services that assist residents in addition to a small program fee to cover books & resources. Overall, funds are directed towards providing the total cost of employment including all compensation and benefits.
  • Adequate Health Insurance is required by law, therefore all residents must enroll in Reliant’s Health Insurance plan unless proof of insurance coverage through parents or spouse is demonstrated. This expense is calculated into the overall ASI Program cost.
How can my child use his/her college education in his/her work with Austin Stone Church or For The City Network?

We offer an array of opportunities for individuals to use their education in areas from finance to media, or from music to management. In all of our ministries, specific skills are directly or indirectly applied to ministry positions.

Many aspects of ministry require drawing upon one’s educational background. For example, a person who majored in Psychology may be an excellent counselor, whereas someone with a degree in Education would be well equipped to lead Bible studies and train disciples. College graduates with Engineering or Technical backgrounds often manifest leadership ability, particularly in analyzing problems, establishing objectives, and determining strategies.

Austin Stone Residents have also found their college educations provide a source of identification and credibility among men and women in the marketplace. Austin is a highly educated city and those with undergraduate and graduate degrees have a deeper understanding of how they can effectively understand our culture and present Christ as the solution.

How are your Residents selected?

We aim to provide a developmental experience for every Resident. We carefully select young men and women through a process that includes a written application, references, and interviews.

The final evaluation of each applicant is made from the information collected in the interview process, references, and questionnaires. We then notify each applicant of our decision. Those accepted, are required to visit Austin and attend our Support Raising training.

Why was this method of support-raising chosen?

People want to be involved with people. This type of giving encourages strong relationships to develop between Residents and contributors, allowing these ministry partners a great deal of personal involvement with the ministry of a staff member. Each Resident is accountable to those who choose to invest in his ministry, and he becomes a representative of these ministry partners.

We believe we are on solid biblical ground in calling our Residents to trust the Lord for their every need (I Timothy 6:7, 18; Philippians 4:19). For more information on ASI’s view of scripture regarding support raising, please email us at

How long is a Resident’s commitment?

A Resident’s commitment is to serve with us 1-2 years depending on the residency track. Starting in the spring, the Resident attends support training in Austin and is given ~five months (March-July) to complete the support raising process. Upon securing the needed funding for their support goal, they are invited to begin their Residency in August (see IMPORTANT DATES & DEADLINES).

What do Residents do after serving with ASI?

Residents are sent out from Austin and into a variety of ministry and marketplace opportunities. Experience gained through working alongside veteran leaders along with hands on leadership roles has proven to give residents a strong ministry foundation and better prepare them for their next job in the marketplace as well. Austin Stone helps residents  network with many churches, non-profit organizations and the marketplace.

If I have more questions or want more details, where can I get more information?

If you have any further questions, please contact ASI by email or call our church office 512-708-8860. If you desire, you may obtain a copy of our annual report, Statement of Faith, or more information on our personnel and financial procedures. To do so, call or email our ASI team.

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