What Makes A Great Residency?


Residents come from all over the country with all different backgrounds, and though exciting, it can be difficult to step into a new position, new team and new city. With this in mind, we’ve built into our program regular opportunities for residents to build community with one another, both in and outside our church.


As believers we experience lasting growth when we increase in knowledge, character and skills. We call these three components – head, heart and hands. Our supervisors play a key role in our program, as they intentionally develop each resident for a missional life that glorifies God through all three dimensions of growth.


We believe the strongest and best leadership training should come out of the local church. Jesus gave to the church leaders to equip the saints for the work of ministry, so we whole-heartedly believe it is in the local church where future leaders can be best nurtured, challenged, trained, and released for ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residency or Internship: What is the difference?

RESIDENCIES are available to college graduates, or those from the marketplace 22 years old and up.  All residencies are support raised positions allowing the resident the ability to work full time (40-50 hours per week) for on the job training and development.  Residency commitments are for 1-2 year terms.

  • for college graduates or from the marketplace
  • age 22 or older
  • full-time, support raised positions
  • 1-2 year commitments


INTERNSHIPS are available to college students and those in the marketplace (18 years old and up). Internships are either unpaid or support raised positions allowing a student to give 5 – 40 hours per week to serve alongside Austin Stone staff and leaders to gain experience and personal growth.  Internship commitments are by semester or for the summer.  Internships can provide credit for certain college degree requirements upon approval with ASI.

  • for college students or those from the marketplace
  • age 18 or older
  • support raided positions — 5 to 40 hours per week
  • unpaid positions – 5-25 hours per week
  • commitment terms by semester or in the summer
ASI Church Residencies or FOR THE CITY Non profit residencies -- what is the difference?

ASI CHURCH-BASED residents explore the depths of a particular church ministry and even prepare to be part of a church planting team.  All residents play a significant role in leading ministry at The Austin Stone while under the close mentorship of Austin Stone leadership and an ASI supervisor.

FOR THE CITY NETWORK residents will experience a program designed to provide aspiring business, non-profit, and urban ministry leaders with the tools and training they need for life-changing impact wherever they go. During a residents time with the FOR THE CITY NETWORK, they’ll practice hands-on training in the city with real leaders who are making a difference.

I am currently in the marketplace - why should I consider a church-based residency?

Many reasons exist in considering leaving a job in the marketplace to join a church-based residency program, and we can’t hope to explain them all here. Our goal is to help individuals considering vocational ministry take the right next step in faithfulness to Christ. That might mean staying in the marketplace or that might mean leaving, raising support, and working with someone like us (The Austin Stone). Here are a few questions to consider:


  • Have I felt a recurring desire to enter ministry over time?
  • Have I sought wise counsel? What did they have to say?
  • Have I consulted my community? What did they have to say?
  • Would it be wise for me to quit my job in this season of life?
  • Would I benefit from being trained in the areas of character, doctrine, and ministry skills?
  • What leaders will I be following?


Many more questions could be asked, so we invite you to explore those with us and seek out resources to help you discern that next step! It’s important to remember that applying isn’t committing to leaving your current job immediately and the process itself may confirm if a residency is the appropriate next step.


We affirm that all work is glorifying to God and deny that “secular” work matters less than the “sacred” work of the ministry. However, we affirm that God does distinctly call “the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:11-12). Our goal is to help you discern if this might be you.

How long are residencies and internships?

RESIDENCIES vary in time commitment. Some areas of ministry require a 2-year residency. Many other opportunities last 1 year. A commitment to work on support raising 10-20 hours per week usually begins 3-5 months prior to the start of the residency.

INTERNSHIPS vary from one semester to a full summer (approximately 3-5 months)

What does the application process look like?

ASI partners with Reliant for the application process. After you complete the application with Reliant, you will be contacted by the ASI team to schedule an interview. ASI and Reliant review each applicant together and then inform the applicant of a decision. Please allow 3-4 weeks after the application deadline, depending on each ministry’s needs and number of applicants. All decisions will be finalized prior to a required support training with Reliant (see IMPORTANT DATES & DEADLINES on our website).

When do I apply and when do I start?



Prospective residents must complete 4 STEPS:

  1. Apply by the application deadline in order to be interviewed, selected and invited to our support training.
  2. Attend our required support raising training.
  3. Following support training, all residents develop their ministry teams & raise funds (March through July).
  4. With financial support raised, all residents begin their training in Austin (usually on August 1).



Prospective interns must complete 4 STEPS:

  1. Apply by the application deadline in order to be interviewed, selected and invited to required support training
  2. Attend our required support raising training (if selected for a support raised internship).
  3. Following support training, all support raised interns develop their ministry teams & raise funds (March through early May).
  4. With financial support raised, all interns begin their work in Austin (usually starting between May 15-June 1).
What compensation and benefits are offered when you are a resident/intern?

Austin Stone partners with Reliant to provide residents with compensation and benefits. Full-time residents are offered through the option of enrollment in health insurance plan through Reliant. Further information on compensation and benefits are available here.

How does the support-raising process work?

Support raising can seem intimidating to consider, we understand.  However, ASI consistently sees God provide the needed financial and prayer partners year after year!

ASI in partnership with Reliant provides full support raising training (IMPORTANT DATES & DEADLINES). Every resident attends this training in-person so that we can provide the best face-to-face preparation possible.

Our training includes:

  • Theology, biblical perspective, support goals, and practical skills to equip residents for success in developing a ministry team.
  • Personal coaching and regular communication during your support raising season.


Following training, our residents are deputized by Reliant to raise funds for their ministry leading up to the residency start date in August.

You can expect to spend 3-5 months developing a ministry team and raising your support depending on the number of weekly hours you are able to invest.

How many Residents are currently serving and what are they learning?

Visit our [MEET THE RESIDENTS] page to see who is currently serving.

What kinds of responsibilities/work would being an Intern or Resident consist of?

The work is dependent on what area of the Church or For the City Network that you end up serving. When you are accepted, you will be placed with a supervisor who will give you all of your work and be in charge of developing you as a leader. A description of residency opportunities can be found [HERE].

Where do residents live while in Austin?

We believe community is key to experiencing a great residency and strongly recommend that you find other residents to live with during your time in Austin.  ASI residents must coordinate and secure adequate housing for the duration of their time in Austin. We recommend the following resources:

  1. Connect with other residents who are moving to Austin at the same time as you.  ASI provides a Facebook group for this list.
  2. Plan to visit potential housing options when you are in Austin for support raising training. This allows you to make contact or see housing options about 4 months prior to starting a lease.
  3. Contact the list of preferred apartments and duplexes who welcome our residents to live in their communities. Plan to secure housing within our suggested housing zone [FOUND ON THIS GOOGLE MAP]. Living beyond this zone is difficult due to traffic and commute times.
Is it true that I can earn seminary credit through my internship or residency?

Yes! You can earn seminary transfer credits as a result of your ministry experience in ASI. More info [HERE].

How will I benefit from ASI Resident development and training?
  • All of the training provided by ASI centers on helping young leaders develop their knowledge, character, and ministry skills. We place a high priority on equipping our Residents for a lifetime of ministry in whatever context God leads them.
  • As a part of this training, we require our Residents to take a nine-month cohort based class that includes theology, doctrine and personal character development. This class is taught by our pastors and seminary professors and graduates (M.Div. and Ph.D.). Opportunities are available for Residents to receive credits toward a Master’s degree.
  • In addition, each Resident will be supervised and mentored in a personal development plan for ministry.
  • We require other conferences, mission trips and training opportunities depending on the particular area they will be working. Most Residents will be given significant leadership responsibilities to develop them in public speaking, leadership, event planning, and group management, among other areas.

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I want to know more... how do I contact ASI?

Please [GIVE US YOUR INFO HERE] and someone on our team will follow up with you.