Men & Women’s Development


Do you want to grow in your faith and love for Jesus Christ?

The program consists of nine months of training for men & women who aspire to lead their family and to lead God’s church in God’s mission to redeem and restore creation. Training includes intense theological study, cohort-style development, regular coaching, experiential learning and content-specific teaching. Students will sit under the teaching of Austin Stone pastors in weekly classroom training, all-day seminars and retreats. Outside the classroom students will gather to process course material, share ministry experience and sharpen one another in their coach-led learning cohorts.

The Men and Women’s Development Program is a church-based higher-education program built to train men & women for biblically qualified leadership in the home, church, city and world.


    Learn to see the beauty of Christ and become an accurate handler of the Word of God.


    Learning is best done with a specific ministry in mind, along with opportunities for reflection and feedback.


    Life change happens best when reflection, cooperative learning and accountability are in community.


    Each cohort has a coach who provides mentorship, gospel counseling, tutoring, advising and shepherding.


    A diverse range of classes and advanced tracks to train men & women specific to their calling.

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  • Wednesday teaching/cohort meeting – 3 hours a week
  • LTG – 1 hour a week
  • Expected study hours – 2-3 hours per week


The Austin Stone Institute (ASI) is excited to announce that in partnership with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Southern) in Louisville, Kentucky, ASI can now offer graduate-level hours for training in our program.

By participating in ASI’s Men’s and Women’s Development Program and, students may obtain up to 15 hours of graduate-level credit over the course of the year. These credit hours are not hours received from Southern, but Southern has preapproved a transfer of these hours into their degree programs.

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