Doctrines & Disciplines Lecture Videos


The following lectures are associated with the core-curriculum of Doctrines & Disciplines. These videos were filmed between September 2015 – September 2019, and are taught by a variety of pastors and teachers from The Austin Stone.
While Doctrines & Disciplines was originally written for participants of The Austin Stone Development Program (ASDP), this curriculum was also developed with a view of being utilized in a variety of environments and locations such as small groups and other churches.


Doctrine of the Word of God, Part 1


Doctrine of the Word of God, Part 2

Hermeneutics: Bible Study Methods

Doctrine of God:
Incommunicable Attributes


Doctrine of God:
Communicable Attributes


The Trinity


Imago Dei


The Doctrine of Sin


The Person of Christ


The Work of Christ


The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit


The God-Centeredness of God


Unconditional Election


Doctrine of Salvation: Calling


Doctrine of Salvation: Regeneration


Doctrine of Salvation: Conversion


Doctrine of Salvation: Justification


Doctrine of Salvation: Adoption


Doctrine of Salvation: Sanctification


Doctrine of Salvation: Perseverance


Doctrine of Salvation: Death & Glorification


Doctrine of Providence


Ecclesiology, Part 1: Global Church


Ecclesiology, Part 2: Global Church