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God is calling men and women of The Austin Stone to lead. He is calling them to lead like Jesus, displaying His character to the world around them. He is calling them to lead with Jesus, joining Him in His work of bringing justice and mercy to the downtrodden and oppressed in our city and world. He is calling them to lead to Jesus, sharing the gospel with the people in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities.

The Austin Stone Institute exists to train leaders for the church, city, and nations. Is God calling you to lead? Come join us.

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The Austin Stone Institute…

Is Founded in the Word of God

ASI seminars, programs, and content are based on the inspired Word of God.

Addresses the Whole Person

ASI training is focused on developing the whole person to lead in his or her full potential.

Learns as we Teach

ASI continually seeks to improve the quality and content of training to develop better leaders over time.

Is Advanced yet Approachable

ASI seminars, programs, and content offer challenging training in an easy-to-grasp format.

Produces Insightful, Change-Oriented People

ASI participants will experience internal growth that results in a desire to change in the world around them for Christ.

Cultivates Leaders Defined by the Gospel

ASI trains leaders that are marked by humble, servant leadership and a gospel-centric perspective.

Where We've Been

In 2006, we started the Intern and Residency program to allow men and women who feel called to be trained for ministry the opportunity to raise funds to join the staff of The Austin Stone. These interns and residents are trained “on the job” as they work alongside the staff and elders of our church.

In 2011, The Austin Stone Institute started the Men and Women’s Development Program (now known as The Austin Stone Development Program), a nine month program designed to equip men and women to lead. This program provides a baseline of systematic theology and a survey of the spiritual disciplines to its students. It also places students in cohorts for the purpose of intentional growth through discipleship.

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Where We Are

In addition to continuing the Men and Women’s Development Program (MWDP) and our Internships and Residencies, we are working hard to add more leadership development opportunities.

Over 1500 men and women have now been through The Austin Stone Development Program, and we believe many of them are ready for more training. While ASDP is a great survey of theology and disciplines, it was always intended to be a “first step” in training to be a leader in the church, city, or nations. We are eager to add more opportunities for ASDP grads to grow in their knowledge, passions, and skills.

Where We're Going

We are currently laying the foundation for more specific, advanced training for ASDP graduates. We are identifying specific needs in the church, city, and nations - places where leaders are needed to spread the gospel and the kingdom of God. We then plan to work to identify the specific knowledge, passions, and skills that are needed to thrive in those leadership roles. We then can develop training plans that will adequately prepare the men and women of our church to meet these needs inside and outside of our church.

We are dreaming about how best to deliver this training, and expect to deploy a wide variety of training methods, including in-person training, self-paced online learning, hands-on practicums, and more.

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